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Evening Star

sunset from The Skillion, Terrigal, Evening Star by Rachel Kelly

Filled with celestial wonder and a twinkling piano accompaniment, this song will entrance young choristers and audiences alike. Achieve a beautifully blended tone with a balance of unison singing and accessible two-part harmonies. An orchestral synth backing track is also available, to add something special to your performance. 

Evening Star by Rachel Kelly, title page

Evening Star SA

$2.50 per copy

Minimum of 5 copies

00:00 / 02:34

Listen to Evening Star SA

tracks available to buy

Evening Star Piano Accompaniment


Evening Star Orchestral Synth Backing


Evening Star SA Soprano Teaching Track

(Soprano part with piano)


Evening Star SA Alto Teaching Track

(Alto part with piano)


Evening Star SA All Parts Teaching Track

(Soprano and Alto parts with piano)



Evening star

Come and light my way

As the daylight fades

You appear

Shining bright

Gleaming silver white

When I need a guiding light

You are here

High in the sky, a beacon

A sure and steady glow

From far across the ages

You've watched the earth below

Evening star

Keeper of all my wishes

I look for you each night

And when the clouds have parted 

I see you burning bright

Evening star

Evening star, evening star

There you are

© Rachel Kelly 2020

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