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How many copies of a song do I need to buy?


You need to purchase a copy for every member of your choir, plus one each for the conductor and accompanist. If you are a school in Australia covered by the APRA AMCOS Schools Music Licence, you are currently allowed to make as many copies as you need from one original, however Rachel Kelly Music has a minimum purchase number of 5.


What if I am just giving my choir lyric sheets?


The lyrics are still covered by copyright law, therefore you still need to buy the correct number of copies for your choir.


Do I need permission to perform the songs?


Once you have legally purchased the songs for your choir, you are welcome to perform them. Rachel Kelly Music would love to hear about your performances.  


What if I want to buy a large number of copies for an event such as a festival?


If you need 100 copies or more, please contact Rachel Kelly Music, as there is a reduced rate for bulk purchases.

What paper size should I print on?


The choral scores are typeset to print on either A4 or Letter format.

Can I share the PDF of the choral score?


No, your purchase entitles you to make physical copies of the PDF, up to the number you have purchased, but not to share the digital file.


Do I pay sales tax on my purchase?


No, there is no sales tax required.


I didn’t receive my download, or I couldn’t print it. What should I do?


Please contact Rachel Kelly Music if you experience any technical difficulties.


How can my organisation commission Rachel Kelly to compose a song?


Please contact Rachel Kelly Music to discuss commissioning new work.


My school requires an invoice to make the purchase. How do I organise that?


Contact Rachel Kelly Music with the details, and we can arrange for an invoice to be emailed.  

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